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AvaTrade UK

£ 150,00

Minimum Deposit

AvaTrade is an transnational, multi-asset retail brokerage that was innovated in 2006. Guests have a choice of multiple trading platforms and access to over 55 edict currency dyads, the major cryptocurrencies, stock indicator CFDs, stock CFDs and ETF CFDs. AvaTrade is regulated by top- league authorities on five mainland’s and is rated largely as a estimable global forex and CFDs broker for algorithmic and social dupe-trading.

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Is AvaTrade regulated?

Yes, AvaTrade is regulated by 7 nonsupervisory authorities across 5 mainlands. The company is regulated in three league-1 authorities and three league-2 authorities.

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The Central Bank Commission is responsible for icing that the statutory functions of the Central Bank are duly discharged. It consists of the Governor and two Deputy Governors of the Central Bank, the Secretary General of the Department of Finance and six members appointed by the Minister for Finance.

BVI Financial Services Commission, British Virgin Islands

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Yes, AvaTrade is a licit forex and CFDs broker and electronic trading platform. It’s regulated under license to perform forex broker andmulti-asset trading services by top- league authorities in the European Union, Australia, South Africa, Japan and Dubai.

Is AvaTrade a good broker?

In terms of security, state-of-the- art electronic trading platform options, competitive spreads and education; AvaTrade is rated largely as a trusted broker. AvaTrade has been in business since 2006 and enjoys an extremely high and veritably strong position of regulation. It has regulations across 7 authorities.

In terms of security, AvaTrade makes it a precedence to keep your information and plutocrat secure.

In terms of trading platforms, AvaTrade offers a variety of world- leading web- grounded and mobile platforms as well as its own personal platform.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader is an electronic trading platform that was innovated by the inventors, MetaQuotes Software. The software company has released a number of performances since it started up in 2002 but hit the jackpot with a significantly enhanced interpretation called MetaTrader 4 that it took to vend in 2005. In 2010, MetaQuotes Software introduced the significantlyre-coded MetaTrader 5.

Moment, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is one of the most extensively- used online trading platforms for retail foreign exchange (forex) academic dealers. MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a more advanced trading platform and is growing in fashionability as investors find value in its superior features.

MetaTrader 5

MT4 and MT5 both give forex dealers with an advanced robotic trading system supplemented with advanced specialized analysis features and expert counsels. MT4 was erected nearly entirely for forex trading, where MT5 functions to give dealers with access to CFDs, stock and futures. Bear in mind, MT5 isn’t an upgrade of MT4, it has its own function.

MT4 is simpler to use and further suitable for investors who are new to trading in forex. MT5 is a more protean trading platform with advance features and suitable for investors who are trading across a broader platform than forex.


AvaTrade offers ZuluTrade because it’s a proven online and mobile social and copy trading platform. ZuluTrade is the product of a Greek fintech company and allows druggies to copy other dealers in the forex request.

For forex dealers, ZuluTrade is idea to perform a high number of deals and volume, up to aboutUS$3.8 trillion a day worldwide. ZuluTrade operates 24-hours a day, except on weekends.


DupliTrade is another proven mobile social and copy trading platform that AvaTrade offers its guests. It’s described as a focused, transparent, stoner-friendly trading platform that allows AvaTrade’s guests to automatically duplicate the conduct of expert dealers directly into their own AvaTrade trading account.

DupliTrade provides access to a rich trading portfolio and exposure to a selection of successful trading strategies that have been developed by professional dealers with a proven success track record.


AvaTrade offers its own knitter- made, customised plutocrat operation and threat operation platform the allows its guests to have total control over their portfolios and set threat operation features when executing steal and vend forex orders.

AvaOptions allows guests to trade further than 40 currency dyads and any combination of call and put options in one account. The intuitive platform is easy to use and guests can execute straddles, strangles, threat reversals, spreads and other trading strategies.

AvaOptions provides guests with a time operation tool for expirations available on any business day, from late options to one- time expiration and at any strike price. The platform also includes professional threat operation tools and portfolio simulations.

Trade calls and puts with stop and limit orders can be started presently by apre-determined decoration position with provides added control over trade entry and exits.


AvaTradeGo offers AvaTrade guests a more advanced and sophisticated dashboard that comes with a set of intuitive operation tools, clear maps, drone for details and other unique features to give a knitter- made result for advanced forex dealers.

The end of AvaTradeGo is to simplify the trading process by furnishing step-by- step guidance on opening trades, feedback on trading exertion and support whenever it’s demanded. AvaTradeGo allows guests to manage multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts contemporaneously and switch from rally, real and competitive spread accounts.


AvaTrade offers its guests access to the MetaTrader 4 Mac platform to trade a range of forex currency dyads, CFDs, EFTs, goods and stocks. The cybersurfer- grounded trading outstation is dependable, easy to set up and stoner-friendly.

The MacTrading platform provides professional charting and logical tools that are enhanced by the world-famed attributes of a Mac computer. The tackle is single- seller controlled and Apple is responsible for certifying all factors of the PC.

Numerous forex dealers favour the Mac because they hardly ever witness any tackle complications and crashes and problems of overheating are unheard of, which is essential for forex trading.


ActTrader provides a full- featured workspace for dealers to execute trades and manage their accounts. The point-rich desktop operation allows dealers to cover the request and engage in online forex trading.

Crucial features of ActTrader include

In terms of competitive spreads, AvaTrade’s spreads are close to the assiduity normal. With variable pricing, AvaTrade lists spreads of0.9 pips on the EUR/ USD, which is slightly above the assiduity normal. Spreads on its Professional account are competitive and similar.

In terms of education, AvaTrade provides a wealth of educational content from its in- house pens as well as third- party experts. This includes about 60 comprehensive papers for newcomers and over 25 papers on advanced motifs. AvaTrade also produces in- depth tutorial vids and hosts its own YouTube channel. You ’ll also find multiple archived videotape webinars on AvaTrade’s website.

What products does AvaTrade offer?
AvaTrade offers only forex trading and CFDs trading, similar as stock, indicator, forex and commodity CFDs. The brokerage does n’t offer other popular asset classes similar as real stocks, bonds or collective finances.

AvaTrade products

  • Forex 55 forex currency dyads and crosses as well as some fantastic dyads; trading forex as CFDs or spot contract
  • Cryptocurrencies 14
  • Stock indicator CFDs 19
  • Stock CFDs 620
  • ETF CFDs 41
  • Bond CFDs 2
  • Note Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading is available through CFDs but it’s not available through trading the beginning asset (e.g. buying Bitcoin).

FCA banned the trade of crypto- derivations to UK retail consumers from 6 January 2022. Crypto CFDs aren’t available from AvaTrader’s UK reality, nor directly to UK residers.

Does AvaTrade offer social trading?

Yes, AvaTrade offers social trading through two third parties; DupliTrade and ZuluTrade. Both services allow you to copy other dealers’ conditioning.

AvaTrade also has a social trading mobile app called AvaSocial. This dupe trading app allows you to follow and sputter to other dealers and copy their trades with a single valve. This service is offered in cooperation with Pelican Trading, a FCA- regulated forex trading reality.

The needed minimum deposit for social trading on AvaTrade’s trading platforms are

ZuluTrade$ 500
DupliTrade$ 2 000

Does AvaTrade have Nasdaq?

Yes, AvaTrade offers trading in the NASDAQ 100 technology stock indicator, accessible as CFDs.

The NASDAQ Composite Index is arguably the most significant large-cap growth indicator in the world. The Index comprises 100 mega companies – domestic and foreign – listed on the premier indicator, the NASDAQ, akaUS_Tech100.

The NASDAQ Composite Index (US_Tech 100) has outperformed the S&P 500 indicator 10 times over in the once 12 times (as at March 2022). By the end of 2019, the request capitalisation of the NASDAQ was$9.8 trillion. By 2022, that figure had increased mainly.

How to open a forex dealer account with AvaTrade

To open a forex trading account with AvaTrade, follow the simple way below

Open the sanctioned website for AvaTrade

  • Select Register Now
  • Fill in your particular information and add your word
  • Choose your trading platform
  • Choose your base currency
  • Upload documents demanded to corroborate your account
  • Deposit minimal quantum formerly account has been vindicated;$ 100 for Standard account
  • Launch trading as soon as account has been set up and vindicated
  • Subscribe up an AvaTrade account with Facebook or Google

Alternately, you can subscribe up an AvaTrade account using your Facebook or Google accounts. This is an extremely fast way to subscribe up, with only one click.

After subscribing up, you’ll admit your login credentials via dispatch, and you’ll be needed to corroborate your account by uploading clones of your identity documents. You can also deposit finances into your trading account and start trading.

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£ 150,00

Minimum Deposit